football and faith


Faith focused youth sports football and strength camp are after school programs which play a vital role in our nonprofit ministry. Father figures mentoring to young men as God mentors His sons in faith. That same passion is shared among our staff and the children within our program. They teach about His presence, the Holy Spirit, in us and the spiritual growth we all lean on in our everyday lives. Through strengthening our faith within our Lord Jesus Christ, the body and mind follows.

boys baseball and faith


America's great pass-time is baseball and our youth look towards their heroes as examples to live by. Our nonprofit ministry takes on this sport and teaches the importance of being a family and working together towards a Godly image both on the field, and off the field. We root deep faith in the marvels of the gospel and truth in believing in our Abba Father as our never falling coach that holds us through all events we face. These after school programs are great youth sports actives.

girls softball and faith


Our women led nonprofit ministry mentors the young women of generations to come through our faith based softball camps which is part of the youth sports after school programs . Young women will build faith and courage on and off the field. They will learn about how valuable they are in our lives and the beauty that is within them all. They will learn their identity in Jesus Christ and how much love Abba Father has for all his children. 

fit families through faith


Are families are all children of God. We not only need to exercise our faith daily but we must also understand that our bodies are temples for the Holy Ghost (1 Corinthians 6:19). By have a clean body, mind and soul the authority and power of His presence dwells and does wonders. Our Fit Families Through Faith Camps teach us how to stay in faith, disciple our minds and bodies toward a healthy lifestyle so that our Father is pleased to dwell within a clean house for His presence of joy and love. Because we are all image barriers of Christ whom saved us by dying on the cross and being raised on the 3rd day.

arts & crafts by faith


Through our nonprofit after school programs like the Arts & Craft ministry we teach the importance of how the holy spirit gifts us with unique wisdom and knowledge. Every labor we put forth should be done in such a way that everything we place our labors into must be to glorify our Lord Yahshua.  Galatians 3:24-25 "Therefore the law was our tutor to bring us to Christ, that we might be justified by faith but after faith has come, we are no longer under a tutor." Once our identity is within Him, then our labors are His and our spirit resides as one spirit, the spirit of the Lord.

greatest in the kingdom day care


Our nonprofit ministry after school programs are all about the children and standing as one family within a community. We look to offer free day care for parents that are seeking to improve their personal education and would otherwise not be able to afford such daycare services. We work with skilled and professional volunteers that have taken a background check. Our youth sports ministry families will take care of this loved ones while their parents seek to better educate themselves in order to provide a greater lifestyle. We also seek donations and resources to help supply the needs of these daycare services so that the burden of such expenses lays on the Lord to provide.

NEW HORIZONS PROVIDE NEW HOPE.......find the passion in living



Here in the nonprofit ministry community of Greatest in the Kingdom we want the best for our children and those around us. The water of life that surrounds us plays a huge healing part of our lives. Everyday we swim through life facing tough obstacles. However, we don't need to face them alone. Our youth sports coaches involved in this 25 meter regulation pool do just that. They mentor youth and adults about the importance of taking on the wave of life and working towards excellence within us through relying on Jesus in faith. Having the support of a professional character coach makes that much of a difference when we face the world around us. However, giving children the chance just to swim and feel the freedom of the water is on it's own a since of peace and great for after school programs .


3x3 and 4x4 indoor soccer field

Training in life is constant and requires a mentor. To many times we find our children on fields with so little time of youth sports teaching involved. Here in our nonprofit ministry development of indoor soccer we focus on the core principles of the game and build through this. Life is a large field but sometimes if you can shrink down the world and teach that it is not as big as you think then children start to realize that they can win in life, and that really the field is small after all. Teaching 3x3 and 4x4 after school programs provides with a faster focused game just like we face in life. Individual also are able to develop a since of team work through the understanding of the game at a focused level. Experiencing more playing time and ball handling which is essential in life as well. Our coaches work with small groups for more hands on develop. We believe it proves more resourceful to the children and adults.


multi-purpose sports with 160m track and field

One of the greatest features of the nonprofit ministry is that we wish to leave out no one. With the use of a Multi-purpose indoor youth sports complex with Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, Track and Field, plus a 50+ indoor Football field the possibilities are limitless for after school programs. Our coaches want to assure that we find the best suited and passion of each child. Allowing our children to explore all possibilities and be trained by experts in the field we provide them with the best chance to succeed in a chosen sport. Our coaches not only train them on the field about possibilities but also about their life. The children learn that their is more in life then just what is in front of them. They are so young and we want their hearts to wonder and know they can step into areas of life they never thought possible. However, it starts with hard-work, focus, and the willingness to accept change. Life is about change and when you understand that you are able to change your life no matter what the circumstance, then you realize that life is just a journey and not an obstacle.



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Whatever is given in this world, the Father will give that and more unto you. We love all that are able to give. We use these donations to fund the facilities, activities, and special events that the children experience. Without great supporters like yourself these children's lives would not be the same.  Through giving these children receive a second chance towards becoming that much more special in life. The kindness of others fuels this ministry.