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Love & Hope is a Christian non-profit organization focused on the healing and transformation of our active and veteran soldiers, first responders and victims of trauma to achieve a renewal of their mind, body and soul. We intend to identify triggers (and strongholds) for these fellow men and women to align their life towards peace & love, marriage, family and careers thru therapy, counseling and camp programs.  Through Jesus the damaged roots of our life can be mended. We now grow together with Him towards a healthier mind, body and soul.

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My name is Melissa Craft, my friends call me Missy. I have two children and was married to a naval officer. I understand the military and lived it within my home. Close to ten years ago I was involved in a plane crash which resulted in me dealing with PTSD. This changed my life and everyone in it. I didn't realize the impact that it would have on my body, mind, and soul. Including how I reacted towards my family and everyone else in my path. The slightest remembrance trigger would place me in a loop of fear, doubt, and crying day after day. I went through many challenging times since then, and have placed many challenging events upon my family, friends, co-workers, and even people I did not know. However,  through the GRACE of God I found love & hope within Him to help me get up each day and try again. It’s taken years to grasp the reality of my life back. No more running blind, trying to find hope in places that could not provide it but instead I stand today on a rock, saved and renewed (more mentally than physically, but the mental battle is the biggest stronghold I’ve ever faced). 

God has provided a blessing for me to tell my story and provide the same guidance that I received that pulled me out of that dark place I called life. Through spiritual guidance and therapy I am now able to live a life of love, hope, and peace within my every day activities. My goal is to stand firm by your side during this journey and show you a path that I took that freed my mind, body, and soul from the dark loop that PTSD caused within me. Today I can tell you the truth, I still deal with PTSD (the loud noises, too many people and fast movements still exist, I just make a mental choice not to engage). However, the beauty of it all is that my life is now enjoyable and the beauty is that PTSD is just an afterthought and memory of what my life use to be. Now I live a life full of joy, with friends, family, and those I call my fallen sisters and brothers whom I love just as much as my own children. 

If you find that you would like our help or a family member needs us, without hesitation please reach out to us and come visit our Love & Hope Ranch. This is a place where we share together and work through the needs of our life. Not alone but together as one big family seeking peace, hope, and a positive change towards the environment that we currently live in.  Send us an email and let us know your story, and one of us with reach out to you.

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or call (855) 270-0615 to set up an appointment


the mission field

ministering at home

In order to have a health body, mind, and soul you must understand that there is a greater power within us called God. Through Him all healing starts and the road to recovery begins.


 This is a huge support system that we send our Christian evangelist out in the field, both within the states but also to other nations to minister and guide soldiers in faith and help balance the life of PTSD. We need support that will help provide means for our team and PTSD support staff to maintain helping our men and women in the field. 

equine therapy

Horses have been a healing ministry since ancient times. The beauty and spirit of these horses are very much like our own. Rough, strong, and ready to run great lengths for freedom however calm and peaceful inside. Through this therapy we will find within ourselves a since of peace, love and unity with our companion. 

couples/family structure therapy

PTSD as we all know effects those around us. It is vital that we understand that this state of mind is only temporary and by learning to understand each others needs we can develop the once before peace, love, and happiness within our relationships. So that our families can work as one team, and one body in love & hope.

relaxation therapy

 Our minds and bodies tend to get away from us at times. In order to regain control and peace we find that we need to enter into a state of relaxation so that our minds, bodies, and souls can align with our surroundings. Finding this peace is vital to our understanding that we are not out of control, we are just not relaxed. Through time we find that relaxation can manifest instantly so that our environment stays in a positive light verses a dark loop of trauma. 

outdoors activities

 At the Grace Ranch you will find all kinds of outdoor activities from cooking, camping, to sharing by a camp fire and more. It is important that we find nature in our life as a calm place for us. God gave us this earth in order for us to find the hidden truths of peace not only in our surroundings but within ourselves. We find that as a team of one mind and one body, nature works hand-in-hand as a nature place of peace for us. So we work together on aligning this positive influence. 

support our troops and families of ptsd

 We have men and women out there that stand for the positive impact we influence on our troops. By supporting our foundation we are able to keep our evangelist out there doing God's will to help out not only out troops here at home but also out in the field, other nations. Please provide assistance so we can help save the lives of our men and women that risk their lives for us daily. 

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