growing in faith and becoming who we where meant to be



The Abba Father taught each man to be the head of the house hold for a reason. This chapter weighs heavy on the hearts of young and old men to step into their proper roles of life as sons of God and adult leadership. Learning the importance of coaching, stewardship, fathering, and being a true husband by stepping out of their sexual immoralities, as well as, the understanding of successorship unto their children as an image bearer of God. The importance of the walk as Yahshua, as the image of God, as originally designed, as mentioned in Genesis 1:27, "So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created Him; male and female He created them". One man in sin caused chaos and disorder. Yahshua came to show all men how to be in the original image of God so that order within the Kingdom would come and thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.




The importance of the name of our nonprofit ministry shines within it. "Greatest in the Kingdom" essentially defines what we see in all of our children and all those new babies that come into the word of the Lord. All of us children of God seek fulfillment even through we are so flawed compared to Jesus Christ. We seek fulfillment in many different ways such as carpenters, bankers, farmers, athletes, actors, welders, and more but at the end of the day we still long for something greater and that is Christ. The flesh does confuse us at times and tries to center our well-being on the carnal lives styles that this world entraps us within. Clouding our minds to the true nature of our existence. Binding us unto things of the world that are materialistic and temporal. However, deep inside of us a gift of the Helper, the Holy Spirit, rests waiting for us to listen. However, the world is so loud and chaotic that we sometimes lose our train of thought. Wasting away and returning to the same seasonal cycle of feeling empty. Yahshua calls through to us every moment to let go of the world desires and rely solely in faith and in His word. He reminds us that as we continue to do as we please, we reap what we sow and must repent. The world is lost, the environment is struggling, and our children seek so much but feel so empty at the end of the day. As we move through life the world separates us. Here at Greatest in the Kingdom we stand firm against the separation and seek that all children of God call out to Yahshua, Abba Father, our loving Jesus Christ for adult leadership and coaching. Our existence and ministry is to love all that feel lost and displaced. The world is large but as you will find out the house of God is great, and those who wish to dwell within Him find peace and joy. Our listed chapters here work towards aligning all of us as one big family under God. Please take time to visit and contact us to start your fellowship with Jesus Christ and His family here plus all these children who we believe are the Greatest in the Kingdom.




The Abba Father came to inspire women of all time to stand up in faith and take on the discipleship of Yashua. Many women were among the 12 disciples becoming disciples themselves. Yashua's coming as Christ broke the bondage that women were not equals of men. They were created in Gods image just as men where as stated in Genesis 1:27. In this chapter of ministry women learn to walk as Yahshua intended them. Becoming images of God as stewards, God fearing wives, inspiring mothers, and leaders within the body of Christ. Learning the blessing of creation and its importance. Stepping into the true image of God as originally designed so female children for generations learn how to become a true women, God fearing, and the true image of God’s creation. Walking in the shadow of Jesus requires coaching and fellowship with adult leadership. It is always a best practice to lean on other mentors for advise and work towards knowing God that much more.

rivers EDGE ANIMAL FRIENDLY families


 Genesis 1:24 (KJV) "The God said,” Let the earth bring forth the living creature according to its kind;" Here in the Rivers Edge Animal Friendly Families we minister the health and understanding that Gods creations are gifts to us. Children and Parents are to care for them because God commanded us to have dominion over them. By governing and teaching this importance children and adults learn the joy and beauty of this heavenly earth and all creatures of the sea, air and land. The environmental experience towards producing a greater heavenly earth will fill the hearts of those who join with great peace and joy.  Our purpose is to recreate the Garden of Eden as the Lord originally created for us. By coaching children and adults in understanding to love life on earth, everything from the ground we walk on to the birds of the sky is a great mission here at our nonprofit ministry. Our adult leadership that handles this area focuses on providing guidance in this are of life and understanding through biblical and professional teaching.



1 Corinthians 3:13 (KJV) "each ones work will become clear, for the Day will declare it, because it will be revealed by fire, and the fire will test each one's work, of what sort it is". Here in this ministry chapter believers step into the understanding of what we forge today is tested in time by the Lord. They will be forging steel like the blacksmiths days of old. This purification process that the Lord takes within us forges the future impact we have on others and what fruit we produce in life. Our craftsmen learn through forging steel. Seeing how flaws of perfection are formed. Because nothing is hidden that we forge in life from the Father. 1 Corinthians 3:19 " He catches the wise in their own craftiness".  In this nonprofit adult leadership coaching program we work towards helping individuals see themselves through the eyes of Jesus Christ. Only when you understand that your body is His vessel can you truth realize His perfection and all the flaws within us.

get your children involved


Greatest in the Kingdom nonprofit ministry views all of our children as Jesse's offspring as mentioned in Isaiah 11. We minister through many activities including, adult leadership, coaching basketball, baseball, soccer, crocheting, lectures, family picnics, and youth camps (weekends, and summer). We also like to conduct movie nights throughout the year so that all families of the community can eat together and interact as one community of fellowship. The onsite facility activities will also include book and craft clubs to intrigue our youth towards God worship and understanding. As a community there is nothing more important than the willingness to give and support the next generations to come. Through our ministry we do just that and by serving as God intended us t