become a root for youths of all nations

Poverty, homeless, displaced, PARENTLESS children are all around us but we have faith in change

"Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. " - Proverbs 22:6

Many children today face hardships in life based on the facts that they start out life at a disadvantage. This is due to the ever growing problem of poverty in the lives of many children. Just in the Houston area we deal with a population of over 2 million people that will grow to over three times this size within the next ten years. There is an extreme poverty level towards children which equals over 5% of the population, that is over 100,000 children in just the city of Houston. These disadvantaged children are not receiving the proper needs and chances in life to prosper in society. They are being trained by the streets versus being mentored by individuals that care about their future. Our goal is to place individuals in the lives of these children that will impact their future towards hope, faith, and charity.

Our mission is to change the lives of these children by providing them with hope and faith in Christ to overcome the challenges in their everyday lives they are leading. Giving them understanding that they are not alone but do have people in their lives that love and care for their future. Many of these children have parents that are overwhelmed and need help so we want to step in as brothers and sisters of Christ and provide love, as well as, assistance with their children's development. Greatest in the Kingdom ministries is a non-denominational Christian faith based program.

 The name of the ministry represents who we believe is most important in life, the children. We support these children by expressing why we believe they are the greatest in the kingdom. We do this by youth ministry sport activities and educational programs. This positive environment embraces the children and provides them with a large group of character coaches. These mentors impact the children's lives by providing them with hope and love. We show the children that through fellowship in Christ's ministry that we all are one community, family, and that unites together towards a greater goal.

Our nonprofit organization's goal is to work with children of all nations and provide them with character mentors that work hand-in-hand on life issues that the children may be facing. We work in a youth sports ministry setting that aligns faith, teamwork, and companionship towards a positive impact on life. Through constant positive influences of mentoring these children we see changes in their lives toward the better. They receive hope, confidence, and friendships that last a life time through our character youth coaches, churches and supporting families.

If you feel that you know a child, or a family that could really benefit through our positive loving community please reach out. If you wish to become a partner or sponsor a child(ren) or family please contact us immediately so we can work with you to change the lives of those around us.